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At ELEVATE™, we partner with some of the best roofing contractors around, so you can trust that your commercial roof installation, repair, or replacement is completed by true professionals. Contact a commercial roofer near you today.

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ELEVATE™ Roofers Offer Expertise and Partnership

We trust our contractors to do business as we do: to cover you better than anyone else in the industry. Work with an ELEVATE Roofing Contractor and you'll experience next-level expertise and service, plus the professional implementation of our premier roofing, wall, and lining systems.

How do you know when to contact an expert roofing contractor? While building owners and facility managers are equipped to do most things, they can't do everything. A professional roofer is your best choice when dealing with one of your property's most important investments—the roof and its many components.

Contact a commercial roofing contractor near you when you notice leaks, ponding water on a flat roof, clogged gutters and drains, and visible damage. Even if there are no obvious signs of roof leaks or damage, it's wise to consult a professional twice a year for a seasonal roof inspection and periodic maintenance. A professional can quickly identify potential issues and promptly remedy them to protect your investment. Inspection and maintenance are also essential if you have an active Red Shield™ Warranty.

Contact a Contractor for Roofing System Inspections

Though not included in Red Shield Warranties, routine inspections are essential to any good roofing system maintenance plan. Your local ELEVATE Licensed roofer can provide professional inspections and expert repairs to match. During your commercial roof inspection, a contractor will evaluate roof traffic wear, drainage, and roofing membrane seams and identify any wind or contaminant damage. They'll look for excessive wear in high traffic areas, punctures or cuts from dropped tools, and compressed or crushed insulation. They'll examine drainage systems, looking for evidence of ponding water and structural compromise from moisture. Proper drainage is one of the most critical roof design and maintenance items, as water infiltration can damage the roof insulation, roof deck, and building contents. They'll also check the membrane, rooftop equipment, and edge metal for wind damage and ensure that exposure to acids, oils, fats, and other organic solvents hasn't led to premature membrane swelling or cracking. Ultimately, the goal is to maintain a watertight roof, and your commercial roofer will recommend repairs accordingly.

The specific course of action (for either repair or replacement) depends greatly on the type of commercial roof material currently in place. ELEVATE Licensed contractors are trained to install and service various systems, including EPDM, TPO, PVC, asphalt, and metal roof systems. Learn more about these systems and try our three-question tool for roof system recommendations.

EPDM Roofing Systems

EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer, and our high-quality synthetic rubber compound is the foundation for our premium-grade EPDM roofing membrane. The membrane performs well in any climate but excels in northern climates. It is ideal for hospitals, schools, office buildings, and warehouses, and has proven its long-term durability for decades. Beyond longevity, EPDM benefits include simple maintenance and versatility. Contact an ELEVATE Sales Representative or Roofing Contractor to learn more.

TPO Roofing Roofing Systems

TPO, which stands for thermoplastic polyolefin, is one of the fastest-growing environmentally friendly commercial roofing materials you can choose. This single-ply roofing membrane is heat reflective and energy efficient, providing year-round resistance to ultraviolet, ozone, and chemicals. TPO is generally fast and easy to install, and ELEVATE offers self-adhered TPO membranes for speedy installation on complex roofs with no disruptive smell (no VOCs) to building occupants. Businesses can stay open while ELEVATE TPO SA membrane is being installed. TPO is available in multiple colors, can be used on commercial and residential buildings, and is eligible for up to 30-year warranty. Contact an ELEVATE Sales Representative or Roofing Contractor to learn more and to see if TPO is suitable for your commercial property.

PVC Roofing Systems

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) single-ply roofing membranes are a highly durable, highly reflective solution for low slope and flat roofs. PVC roofing systems have been tested for over 35 years and continue proving their resistance to moisture, fire, chemicals, and wind. PVC membranes are also white and solar reflective, which helps to regulate a building's temperature and energy use and mitigate the heat island effect in cities. PVC membranes are optimal for urban buildings subject to chemicals, grease, animal fat, and harsh weather conditions, and can handle moderate foot traffic thanks to heat-welded, watertight seams. Could PVC be the best choice for your structure? Contact an ELEVATE Sales Representative or Roofing Contractor today.

Asphalt Roofing Systems

ELEVATE Asphalt roofing products stand apart from conventional asphalt technology thanks to our proprietary blend of polymers and choice grades of refined asphalt. As a result, our asphalt roofing systems deliver remarkable strength and flexibility for almost any low slope or flat roof condition. Turn to asphalt roofing for great flexibility in cold climates even when installation temperatures dip below 0℉. Contact an ELEVATE Sales Representative or Roofing Contractor to learn more about our asphalt system offerings, including traditional built-up systems, modified bitumen membrane systems, and hybrid built-up and modified bitumen systems.

Metal Roofing Systems

ELEVATE Metal roofing systems offer design freedom thanks to a broad range of paint finishes and substrates without compromising quality. Metal roofs have been around for centuries, and modern metal roofs offer the perfect balance of durability and design. Plus, they're low maintenance, fire retardant, and lightweight. Look to a metal roofing system if your building features complex architectural geometry or you're looking to create a new roof with unique custom features. ELEVATE metal systems are 100% recyclable at the end of their product life cycle. Your ELEVATE Contractor or Sales Representative can also explain the difference between warranted metal panels and non-warranted panels and how to ensure your investment remains protected.

Your Local Source for Commercial Roofing and Wall Insulation

Even the best commercial roofing system is vulnerable without adequate insulation. For high-quality roof and wall insulation that helps manage a building's energy consumption and protect the roof's structural integrity, turn to polyisocyanurate thermal insulation, also referred to as polyiso, PIR, or ISO. ELEVATE polyiso products deliver the highest thermal performance per inch of common low slope roof insulations. Estimate your building's HVAC savings with ELEVATE ISOGARD™. We also offer coated glass panels for added wind, fire, and mold protection, as well as composite boards, cover boards, and vacuum insulated systems. Contact an ELEVATE Sales Representative or Roofing Contractor to learn more about the best insulation solution for your low slope or flat roof.


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